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MyLab is a tool for formative assessment and administration of student work. One or more teachers can organize tasks and assignments for pre-determined groups or classes. The tool enables safe and easy communication between teachers and students, both at the individual and class level.

MyLab has an intuitive user interface that shows all communication between teacher and student, gives an overview of tasks and is easy to use.

As a teacher in MyLab you create groups to which you then invite your students. You can also create groups at the class level by integrating data from Feide/the school’s SSO.

You decide the name of the group and who will be invited to join. You can invite students as well as colleagues.

Inside a group, you can communicate with your students, hand out assignments, and assess the work your students are handing in. You will have an overview of how your students are progressing with the different tasks, be able to communicate with individual students during the process, and give feedback. You will also find templates for self-assessment that you can hand out along with assignments.

You can create an assignment in one of two ways:

  1. Go to the group you want to create an assignment for and click the plus-symbol in the left-hand menu and select create assignment.


  1.  Go to the assignment overview and click the plus-symbol in the left-hand menu and select create assignment.

After selecting create assignment a window will open where you give the assignment a name, description, type and which group it should be distributed to.

It is optional to add a deadline.

If you set the assignment type to StoryLab or IdeaLab you will have the option to add your own assessment questions for the students, you can also use one of the templates that are available in MyLab.

You create a new group by going to the Groups page in the top menu. Once you are on the group page you can create a new group by clicking the plus-symbol in the left-hand menu and selecting create group.

You join a group either by being added through Feide/the school’s SSO or by entering the group code.

To join a group with a code, go to the group page by clicking groups in the top menu, then click the plus symbol in the left-side menu next to where it says groups and enter the six-letter code into the field with the title join group with code.

To find the group code click the three dots on the top-right hand side of the group chat, next to the title, and select edit group. The group code will be at the bottom of the window that pops up.

To edit a group, click the three dots on the top-right-hand side of the group chat, next to the title, and select edit group. You can edit the name and description of the group.

MyLab is only available for users with a license agreement. If you are still getting this message, even though your place of work has a license, please contact support. Provide us with your username and log-in method (Facebook, Google, Feide etc.)

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