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IdeaLab is the tool to create, edit and publish mind-maps and timelines.

In IdeaLab the student can explore ideas and visualize their understanding of concepts. The students’ competence, communication, and creativity are challenged when they work independently or in groups to put together words, concepts, and images in different systems and hierarchies.

The visualizations in IdeaLab are dynamic and can easily be changed from a mind map to a family tree or from a concept circle to a timeline. The Ideas can be shared across applications in the LearnLab-universe or be exported and shared/saved externally.

IdeaLab is a tool for creating different types of mind maps and charts. You add elements (nodes) to which you then add new elements, creating a structure with different levels.

You can add text, images, video, symbols, and audio to the nodes. In IdeaLab you will find a resource library with millions of pictures, videos, and symbols that you can use freely in the LearnLab-universe. The resource library is searchable. You can also upload your own audio, video, symbols, and pictures.

IdeaLab allows for both independent and collaborative work.

You add images by using the menu to the left and clicking image. You can search for an image in the library, choose from the different categories or upload your own image.

If you want to upload your own image you can either upload from your computer or copy one from the internet and paste it into the upload window. You paste by pressing the ctrl and v buttons on your keyboard at the same time.

You can assign one or more co-authors to an IdeaLab, this makes it possible for several people to work together and edit the same Lab.

You assign co-authors in the overview in my IdeaLabs. Click on the three dots on the top right-hand side of the Lab and select co-author. You can only assign colleagues and/or students.

When you share a copy, the people you share it with will get their own version of the Lab.

If you want to share a copy of an IdeaLab with your colleagues or students go to the overview in my IdeaLabs. Click the three dots on the top right-hand side of the IdeaLab you want to share and select share a copy. You will then get a window where you can select who you wish to share the Lab with.

You will only be able to share with your colleagues and/or students.

IdeaLab is only available for users with a license agreement. If you are still getting this message, even though your place of work has a license, please contact support. Provide us with your username and log-in method (Facebook, Google, Feide etc.)

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