Educational Licences


Using Colab as a tool for engaging
and involving students is free and will be free forever.

Creating a user is free for everyone and you get:

  • Create unlimited colabs
  • Unlimited steps in your colabs
  • Unlimited participants
  • Cloud storage

Price: Free!

Full licence

The full Learnlab licence contains all the apps needed for creative and engaging learning.

You get everything in the Colab licence, in addition to:

  • Idealab
  • Storylab
  • Mylab
  • Medialab (fall 2022)
  • Unlimited cloud storage for all content
  • The ability to share and engage across the different apps

Price: EUR 10,- per student

Premium content

The premium content licence includes everything in the full licence, in addition to:

  • Curriculum specific content
  • Prioritized support
  • Single sign-on

Price: On demand.

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Learnlab Enterprise License

Do you experience that courses and presentations in your organization are dominated by a few people who talk a lot, while the opinions of others do not emerge? Does the leader/facilitator ask questions directed at everyone, while only a few respond? Do you want the opinions of everyone in the organization to form the basis for learning, future choices, and decisions?

Enable your organization to become a digital learning organization!

Learnlab Enterprise License includes:

Additional services:

Convert analog or digital processes and content into future-oriented collective digital interactions!

With an organizational license at Learnlab, you can enable your organization to create motivating courses, meetings or conferences where the participants together find solutions and reflect on complex dilemmas.

The license is adapted to organizations that will create motivating interactive courses. These digital resources are interactive learning sessions where the course participants themselves should be able to collaborate and discover key concepts.

The interactive functions and the structure of the learning sessions have been developed to include the participants in their own learning. These learning sessions can also be carried out as distance learning, or as a mix of some meeting and sitting together, while the rest are spread out over different locations.

The participants can see each other’s production, proposals and input. In this way, the participants can participate in collective concept development where they see what the others are thinking.


Educational licences

Learnlab offers three different levels of educational licenses. We strive to make our licencing model simple, understandable, and transparent.

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Enterprise licences

Do you want to make participants more engaged in your meetings, seminars or digital courses? Develop your organization with digital learning!


Learnlab also offers licences through some of our partners. See the webpage of your preferred distributor for more information: