LearnLab Digital Toolbox

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Collective Learning and Reflections

CoLab is designed for cooperative learning, problem-solving, and divergent thinking. By working in groups and creating together, learners can discover the deep meaning of concepts, and strengthen their social and collaborative skills.


Storytelling Made Fun, Easy and Collaborative

Create your own story with both visual and audio effects. Choose from millions of open resources.


Formative Assessment for Deep Learning

With MyLab you can easily organize and distribute tasks and assignments with different types of text, sound or video. Enable your students’ self-regulation by inviting them to be part of the assessment process from start to finish.

Innovative Ecosystem

LearnLab: the Safe and Ethical EdTech Choice

LearnLab is connected to your ecosystem through safe and innovative technology for user logins and data exchange. We work according to ethical standards and GDPR to enable creative and deep learning inside a safe walled-garden environment. LearnLab is a Norwegian registered company that pays standard Norwegian corporate tax. LearnLab is also easily integrated with your existing ecosystem like Google or Microsoft.


Explore, Visualize and Share ideas

IdeaLab enables you to explore ideas and visualize understanding of concepts. Create your concepts and ideas as mind maps, timelines, and shapes. Share it or convert it into a story or collective interaction.


Small Data Survey for deep collective inquiry

Generate questions for deeper understanding and collecting evidence in the process. EnquiryLab highlights local needs and strategies, and systematically support the progress from the present situation, via preconceptions, and new ideas to developmental actions.