Management Team

Daniel Rutz

Strategy Director
+49 1747820910

Erlend Kobro

Product Manager
+47 452 91 802

Tone Mari Gurskevik

Customer Success Manager
+47 926 36 037

Thomas Dreisig

Product Manager Denmark
+45 28 10 28 91

Tonje Larsen

Customer Success Manager
+47 959 89 177

Peter Ulholm

Director Denmark
+45 31 35 40 33

Stig-Erik S. Steimler

Customer Success Manager
+47 971 29 163

Alexander Risøy

+47 22 12 00 60


Tony Burner

International Strategic & Critical Friend

Louise Stoll

International Strategic & Critical Friend

Rolf K. Baltzersen​


About Us

Learnlab is a Norwegian-based company founded in 2017, with offices in Oslo. The founders have more than 25 years of experience from educational development and technology.

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Creative and engaging learning for a better world!

Through Learnlab teachers and educators can create sessions with a variation of interactive tasks, visualize content and activate participants trough their devices. Learnlab also provides licensed quality content for education and assessment data. A part of the long-term vision for the company is to create a good alternative for assessment in education. We believe this is possible by collecting data from the knowledge that is created along the way, instead of a standardized test or exam at the end of the term. The Learnlab team consist of engaged individuals with different expertise who all work with the common goal of creating the worlds best learning tool for deeper learning.

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Co-founder of ARC

Learnlab is co-founder of ARC (Atlantic Rim Collaboratory) where the initial vision is to establish a global group of educational systems that advances values of equity, excellence, wellbeing, inclusion, democracy, and human rights for all students.

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Our mission:

We aim to enable the future by creating and sharing engaging learning experiences that build a deeper understanding and new knowledge.