What is Learnlab?

Learnlab is a web-based, platform-neutral digital ecosystem for learning. It consists of five different digital learning tools and a library of learning resources based on the national curriculum.

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Applications for collaborative learning and student engagement

We believe that students should be producers of knowledge, not just consumers. They should have an active role in their own learning. We also believe that great learning occurs when people are working together. That is why we have developed learning tools that enable students to participate, produce and explore in different ways, both in groups and on an individual level.

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Based on progressive pedagogy

To meet the challenges of the present and the future, we need creativity, commitment, critical thinking, reflection, cooperation, and a global mindset for the citizens of the future. Learnlab is based on progressive pedagogical thinking and research and is designed specifically to meet the need for future competence. Learnlab consists of a unique combination of tools and content that is designed to be engaging, fun, and interactive while giving teachers insight into new forms of assessment.

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Safeguards students’ privacy while stepping into the future

In Learnlab's digital tools we store data from which concepts and competence goals the students work with. By using our system, the data is stored and used in a responsible way that safeguards students' privacy, while at the same time you can work together and share content with teachers and fellow students across the applications

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Learning resources for your national curriculum

As a part of the Learnlab ecosystem, you also find our library of learning resources. The digital learning resources in Learnlab consist of interactive learning sessions, with varied tasks that facilitate student production. There are subject texts, digital books with sketches and writing frames that students can work on, as well as subject-specific mind maps as a starting point for students' in-depth learning.

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